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Women are Unique. So is WIN.

Smart, busy women need timely honest answers to financial questions and a place to take action.


WIN with personalized financial advice, relevant education, valuable tools and easy execution on one platform.  

In a world where women are fighting for equal pay and recognition, often on the basis to 'be treated the same as a man' proposing a financial platform for women sometimes elicits the knee-jerk reaction: "I don't need anything different." 


But, you do.  


And it is not because women are not just as smart, as capable, or as confident, but because the financial industry has gotten it wrong.  For years, and until now, the industry has not created the right algorithms, products, and services to address the unique financial needs of women:

1. Women live longer.  So, women must fund a longer retirement (7-10 years) 

2. Women spend less time in the workforce due to child- and elder-care. 

3. Women are paid less, so must work more to save the same amount as men. 

4. Women have lower pension savings due to #2 and #3.

5. Women are single more years and often pay at a higher tax rate for more years.


6. Life is more expensive for women, just compare the cost of a haircut. 


7.  Women care more than men do about their investments achieving social goals.

8. Women choose sustainable and impact investments when offered as an option.

9. Women focus more on meeting their financial goals than beating the market. 


10. All women are not the same. Each woman has individual needs and goals.

WIN was created to offer all women access to the expertise and standard of care of a trusted advisor without the industry jargon.  


Why WIN for women?

 because 'the same as a man' is not the best financial plan for a woman

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WIN was created to empower women with the knowledge, skills and right-on-time  decision guidance needed to reach good financial decisions and achieve financial goals. 

Meet our founder. 

Stacy Marcus

Founder & CEO


Access to the right knowledge at the right time

is the key to achieving financial wellness and equality.

Hello, and thank you for exploring WIN. 


I'm so happy you want to know my qualifications and goals for WIN.


WIN is for the smart, busy woman who wants to make the best decisions for her financial life - now and in the future. 

As a working, single mom the one thing I did not have was time.

Yet, every time I had to make a financial decision, I spent hours online searching, reading, checking accuracy, and then finally trying to apply the information to my personal situation.

This was time I longed to spend doing anything else - sleeping, meeting friends, playing tennis, tucking in my child, taking a bath.  

It felt like whenever a financial institution could make money from my actions I couldn't avoid them, yet when I needed help there was no one in sight.

When it took three days for me to determine with confidence how to withdraw - without incurring a 10% IRS penalty - the funds I had saved for my daughter's college tuition, I could only imagine what the experience was like for someone who did not have a career in financial services. 


It was then, I decided to move my financial education and planning workshops online to reach more women.


I created WIN for people like me - with careers, family, friends, and hobbies, pressed for time, seeking timely expert guidance and accurate relevant information to make the best financial decision, take the right financial step - for now, and for the future. 


A WIN woman is someone who:

  1. Does not want to leave decisions about her financial life to someone else

  2. Wants a clear language explanation of relevant financial products and opportunities

  3. Knows she is perfectly capable of managing her financial life with a little guidance

  4. Wants to be spoken to with respect and without jargon

  5. Focuses on her goals and not on out-performing markets

  6. Does not want a black-box solution but does want the convenience of 24/7 digital 

  7. Wants to be engaged and involved in the decisions which shape her financial future.


What qualifies me? 


I was trained at the best financial firms in the world - from Solomon Brothers to Chase and Goldman Sachs, and have worked for 20 years creating client-centric products and solutions while living in the U.S., Europe, and Asia.  


My focus has always been on the conscious and unconscious factors influencing our financial decisions and our ability to plan and grow wealth - the new "hot" field known as behavioral finance.  I have extensive product knowledge from savings to cryptocurrencies, and hands-on asset management and personal investing experience.


Most importantly, I understand and appreciate the unique financial planning challenges women face when saving and investing for their future.

The lives of women have different twists and turns than the lives of men.  As a result, their financial plan must be different - better.

I am a Certified Financial Education Instructor, not a salesperson. 

I am a Certified Financial Divorce Advisor - who helps people prepare for financially healthy partnerships, marriage, and divorce. Yes, it is possible. 

I have years of experience in financial services, as a FinTech entrepreneur and mentor, and delivering financial wellness coaching for results.  You can view my LinkedIn profile here.  

Why not simply search?

Online advice is not always accurate or optimal. 

The first stop for people seeking financial advice is an online search. The more I looked the worse I felt.  So, I started contributing to Investopedia and other advice sites to offer people accurate guidance.  Sadly, I often had to correct the advice certified financial planners posted.  For one woman who submitted her question to Investopedia, I had to explain that the advice she received from two Certified Financial Planners was not correct, and would have cost a great deal in unnecessary fees for an attorney and much wasted time.  You can see my answer here.

YOBI - You, only better informed

Giving people what they need to make better decisions

I thought about what people need to make better decisions – accurate relevant information, consideration of the factors important to them – a best financial friend – someone who walks you through the key considerations to make an informed decision, one which enables you to act with confidence because it is actions and not thoughts that build and protect financial futures.


You know you best. You just need a little help on understanding financial products and how you need to think about financial issues.

Many people do not have a financial advisor. For the majority of women, this is because they cannot find someone they trust and want to work with. Financial skills are not taught or practi
ced in school. Astonishing when you consider we make money decisions every day with no education or training.

I designed WIN to mirror the conversations I had when women spoke with me in person.  My goal - to provide as many women as possible the guidance and information needed to live their best financial life.

WIN is for you, so if there are improvements to be made to make it more valuable for you, please do not hesitate to let me know. 

Hope we help you enjoy your financial life now and in the future.

All the best, 


CEO & Founder

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