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Invest Like a Woman: How to save for retirement if your job is your family

Retirement savings account benefit from deferred taxes. Unless you have earned income you cannot contribute to an IRA. So if you are working at home, and not earning a salary you are not entitled to participate, except...

A working spouse can contribute to an IRA on behalf of a non-working spouse, in an account titled in the name of the non-working spouse.

This strategy has benefits for both parties. Read more to see if you qualify.

nd the account is in the Here is the intro to the Moneytips

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What's your question

What's your question

ning and digital money management tools, and custom investment management accessible on one dashboard 24/7. To advance her mission, Stacy & her daughter also volunteer teach girls in less developed countries, most recently in India. Stacy is an avid athlete, enjoys swing & cardio dance, and is a repeat visitor to the art museums and opera houses of the world. For the moment her love of international travel is trumped by visits to her daughter at college. 


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