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Smarter financial decisions in minutes.  

Get back to life. 

DecideGuide is a simple-to-use interactive tool that answers your financial questions with personalized, trustworthy, expert advice and immediate action steps - whenever you need.  

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DecideGuide is your personal digital financial advisor

Everyone faces lots of financial decisions.

Mortgage_buy a home
Stock Investment
Student Loan Fund Education

Not everyone has a trusted financial advisor on call. 

Now you do. 

With DecideGuide "do-it-myself" doesn't mean do-it-alone.

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How it works

DecideGuide in Action

Harry and Sally have the same question:
Do I need life insurance or disability insurance?
but different personal circumstances and goals 
With just 1 question DecideGuide creates the right unique decision path  

It's time to enroll in employee benefits. Harry and Sally must decide whether to pay for life or disability insurance. They start by searching online. Facing 32 million results they turn to DecideGuide. With just one question DecideGuide leads Harry and Sally down unique personal smart decision paths designed to achieve their individual goals. 

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Welcome to DecideGuide! How can we help?

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DecideGuide is built on science by fiduciary financial experts
Only fiduciaries are legally and ethically required to put your best interest first

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Quick and Easy, and Just for You  

DecideGuide replaces cookie-cutter information and useless jargon with personalized guidance and real-time action steps. Everything you need to make smart decisions quickly and easily  is at your fingertips - trustworthy personal guidance, relevant knowledge, and key action steps. DecideGuide saves your time, money and worry by asking you the right questions to get to your right decision. 

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