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WIN is a cost- and time-effective way to attract, engage and retain elusive lucrative demographics.


To achieve your business goals, we create custom content and programs that deliver value to end-users.


WIN is an effective engagement and data partner delivering valuable customer intelligence, key metrics, segmented data, and educated, actionable clients and employees.

Exceptional Engagement

is the Key to Attracting and Retaining Women Clients

Partnering with WIN benefits you, your clients and your employees. 


WIN differentiates and enhances the value of your practice with the only customized fully integrated financial life engagement platform for women.  

WIN elevates your role as trusted advisor with engaging, data-driven personalized content, user-centered educational tools, and on-demand accessibility and product delivery.

Achieve your Practice Goals

with WIN as your women and NextGen engagement partner 

WIN is a flexible plug-and-play platform designed to achieve your business objectives. Utilize the complete plug-and-play platform or integrate individual components and curated content into your existing website, financial planning client dashboard, or investment management platform.

Learn more about the benefits of partnering with WIN

Women Investing Now LLC

1825 Madison Avenue 

New York, New York 10035

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